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Thousands of years have given it a deep aesthetic sense. In every part of Rome - the dark and narrow streets, the bright and open piazzas, the ancient ruins - there's a felt awareness of the people who have lived there throughout recorded history.


New York City and more


Of all the magnificent Amalfi Coast locales, Sorrento will always be home. The pace is slow, the way of life is natural, and the people are warm, always taking the time to stop and chat. And most important, the light and colors are different every day.


Throughout history, everyone lucky enough to visit Venice has had a difficult time capturing its magic in words. The city seems real and unreal at the same time, a perfect place for aimless wandering and nostalgia. However you describe it, Venice stays with you forever.

ravello, positano and amalfi

Greta Garbo found her "secret happiness" in one of Ravello's lovely villas, and many more Hollywood stars have made it their private hideaway. The instant tranquility one experiences while walking around the hilltop town leaves no doubt as to why. Here, the beauty is on a grand scale because it is literally in the clouds.


Pompei, Naples, Capri, Ischia, Ercolano, Anacapri, Pozzuoli, Piano di Sorrento, Sant’Agnello


This small island was made famous in the film, "Il Postino", and the quiet charms of its cinema counterpart are true-to-life. It's a bit off the beaten track, and has maintained its simplicity and understated beauty.


While the sun and sea are much the same as other parts of southern Italy, it's still an island, and remains very different, as well as somewhat mysterious. Strange experiences are as easy to come by as breathtaking ones. Adventure abounds regardless.

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